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Woof Woof
Dogs are nice
Dogs are really nice

Dogs are really really nice. They like to cuddle with you. Some like to bark. And some are really funny.

Once upon a time there was I dog that likes math. His name was Rum Rum. He knows 100+6000=6,100. he also knows Patterns like 1,2,1,2,1’2,1,2,1,2.


Arf! Arf!
Dogs are nice.
Sometimes dogs are funny.

Say Oh Say What’s The Way

Wordle: Untitled

Car Experiment

I will tell you how a butterfly grows because I know how one grows.

1) First it comes out of its egg and eats lots of leaves.

2) Then it climbs up a tree and forms into a J.

3) Next it makes a chrysalis and forms into a butterfly.

4) After that it comes out of the chrysalis.

5) Finally it dries it’s wings and flies away.

That’s how a butterfly grows.

Made by ckrauss9536.

Olympic Poster

Right click on the glog and choose Full Screen to see the entire glog.


Wordle: Friends

Wordle: Evan Caelan RocksWe rock

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